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Just who are LLG Photography? Read on to learn more about us!

Hello! We are Gabby and Andy and together we make LLG Photography!

We married in the summer of 2013 and live in a beautiful place nicknamed the happy valley (no, not that one!). In December 2016 we welcomed our little bundle of joy, Clove, into the world – that’s her to the right. Then in 2019 she was joined by her little brother, Oakley ♡

Books and Geeking Out

We have plenty of individual interests that our other half has no time for (Andy – Star Wars geeking, Gabby – book worm escapee) but we’ve always shared our love of photography. After we both invested in fancy cameras while we were on a break (not the holiday kind, think more Ross and Rachel from “Friends”…) and when we reunited we began bouncing ideas off each other and having fun experimenting with photography. Now we have ventured into the exciting world of wedding and family photography and haven’t looked back.

We loved our own wedding, especially the relaxed, fun style our photographers had. Being on the other side of the camera on our own “big day” gave us first-hand experience of what helps make your special day wonderful and enjoyable. For example, we particularly like capturing the natural, non-posed moments and love using the location to really show you and all your hard work off. We also enjoy having fun on other types of shoots – engagement, family, celebratory events, etc.

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As well as a photographer, I’m a clinical psychologist working in the NHS with people who are experiencing mental distress. With any career, a good work life balance and self-care are vital to mental well-being. It might sound odd therefore, that co-owning a photography business outside of my career can help balance my life! But it really does.

I’m fortunate that I get to work with people during their darkest days AND their happiest. Distress is counterbalanced by joy, pain by hilarity, loss by love, loneliness by togetherness. Photography is also where Andy and I connect creatively and where we document our own lives as well as those of the lovely people who choose to share a piece of their lives with us.

Some of the things I love are… Clove and Oakley, tea, being in the countryside, Love Actually, Tom Hiddleston, books, tea, cheese, dogs, family, my gorgeous Nissan Figaro – Betsy (that’s her in the picture) who is no longer mine :-(, walking, running, yoga, tea, Greece, the peak district (home), psychology, all my friends, tea, singing in Betsy with the roof down, interior design, Andy.


Quick background to me! I was a maths teacher for 20 years but left the classroom in April 2001. I am a Nottingham Forest fan, a Buffalo Bills fan, all things Marvel and Star Wars – I am slightly obsessed with Ahsoka Tano 🙂

You can ask five questions……Ok, I’ll answer five questions and you can pretend you asked them.

  1. I’m happiest when hanging out being silly with the family.

  2. When I’m not taking pictures you’ll find me working from home for a Maths charity – yes, they do exist!!

  3. My favourite place to eat around here is The Lime Tree in Bollington. Great food, better prices!

  4. What’s something crazy I’ve done you ask? I snowboarded on a volcano just days after it erupted.

  5. Why do weddings? Because it’s a wedding! Taking pictures of people is awesome. Getting pictures of smiley happy people is awesome. Taking pictures of smiley happy people after several hours of beer is golden.


About us

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