Episode IV

It is a period of civil war.

Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their……….

Sorry, I was getting carried away there. This is clearly episode 1 and is a blatant steal from a photography podcast I love listening to (PhotoBizX) where a photographer said just blog about your favourite pictures and say why.

So here we go. This first one is left field. I am desperate to be better at street photography so when I go somewhere I challenge myself to get out there with my camera and take some pics. I’ve tried taking pictures of architecture and landscapes but it just doesn’t work. Photography of any kind for me MUST involve people and emotion. I was on a school trip to Madrid earlier this year and got up before the kids to go out and capture Madrid going to work. 

I took several shots I was happy with but this was possibly my favourite.

Why do I like it?

Composition is something I continue to learn and get better at. On a wedding day it isn’t the be all and end all because, for me, the moment trumps composition all day long (for our style of photography). That can’t be an excuse when on the street and you have time to look, think and plan your shot. You still can’t go and ask people to do something or move (that would be cheating) but you can be patient. I was lucky for this shot because this guy just went at sat in that position. The lines all draw your eye in to him. The shadow of the lamp post is an arrow that literally points at him. I wanted to make sure he was not on a third corner (for any photographers reading…) because I wanted to emphasise those lines directing you to the main thing in the image. 

What does it make me think?

I wonder what he was thinking. I wonder who he was texting. Maybe arranging a morning coffee with someone. Maybe trying to arrange a morning coffee with someone 😉 Or maybe just avoiding going to work. I’ll never know. I’ll never need to know. This is what photography means to me. The chance to ask a question.

Thanks for reading, more to come! (Yes, it will include wedding pictures. No it won’t include more star wars. Well………)

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