Photography Courses in Macclesfield, Cheshire


Having been teaching since 2001 (and still going now!), Andy has turned his teaching skills to photography. He offers two simple photography courses and each one is £75

Get off Auto! 

Have you got a new camera or buying somebody one? Buying a good quality camera is one of the best things you can ever do. Having the medium to create art, document life and provide so much joy through simple pictures is such a powerful thing. However, do you really want to trust your camera to make all the decisions for you?

This is a 90-minute session at your house, a cafe or pub or out and about where Andy will take you through your camera and explain the different modes available. He will look at why you should use each one and what all those different numbers mean!

All you will need is a camera that you want to know better (an interchangeable lens camera is the ideal one for this course) and an idea of what you might want to photograph in the future. You will also receive an electronic cheat sheet to remind you of the things you will hear about (its a lot of information in a short amount of time!)

Take Better Portraits! 

This is a 90-minute session with Andy purely focused on taking better pictures of family and friends. Whilst your phone will probably take a nice picture, there is nothing better than shooting your kids/pets/family and friends with a ‘proper’ camera.

In this course, Andy will take you through using Aperture and Manual mode to take better portrait pictures. He will explain Aperture and framing and provide hints and tips to help you make the most of your pictures.

You will need an interchangeable lens camera and some models (unless you just want lots of pictures of a beardy man – that’s Andy by the way).

Family Photography Gift Certificate

Grab a gift certificate here for a family. It will cover the cost of an entire family shoot and the certificate is provided on plantable paper! That means the family will not only receive a whole bunch of beautiful family photos but also some lovely wildflowers in the garden!


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