As well as photographing weddings we also do family photography. We love our own young family and capturing all the crazyness that involves. So for us, we love it when we find out that the wedding we are shooting will have kids there. So if you are thinking of having kids at your wedding read on to see why we think kids at weddings are awesome and how to plan ahead!

Getting Ready

Kids love to be involved in the getting ready. Whether that means getting their own hair and make-up done for the older ones through to watching in awe when the bride and bridesmaids get all dolled up.

As parents we get to dress them up all cute and smart and hope that they manage to maintain their outfit and keep it free of a host of kids bodily fluids. Spare outfits are a must!

In awe of the bride

Kids love princesses, right? Well, imagine spending a whole day in the presence of one. Some of the looks that kids give brides throughout the day are just so special. Kids don’t fake these looks. They are built on love and amazement that someone can look so good.

I don’t care about the bride, there is grass/confetti

One of the main reasons we love kids at weddings is that they just don’t care at times. So what if the bride and groom are having pictures taken, there is confetti on the floor. There are graveyards to explore, ponds to look at, dresses to hide under, daisies to pick and bottoms to slap!

Entertaining kids at weddings

Keeping kids entertained is hard when it’s for an hour. It is even harder when it is for a whole day! So make sure there are things to entertain them during the day. In the morning have their own toys, teddies, and games to play with. If it all gets a bit too much then a few home comforts can really help. 

The hardest (and most contained) part is often at the wedding breakfast. The meal can stretch out for up to two hours sometimes so be prepared! A goody-bag or colouring book is a great option because what kid doesn’t love colouring in! Props at weddings for things like a photobooth are another perfect distraction. The kids love playing with the blow-up things and having their picture taken. 

Of course there are also bubbles. No matter where or when bubbles appear the kids love it. They flock to it. You might as well be the pied piper.

If all else fails, give them some cash to play with! It worked for this little one during the meal!


Some adults can be a little reserved when it comes to taking to the dance-floor. They often need a little persuasion by their friend Al Cohol. Kids less so. They see a dance-floor and it’s go-time. It doesn’t matter if you are about to cut your cake. It doesn’t matter if there isn’t music. If there are lights and a space to dance then they just get right on it. I know when we got married we had some kid-friendly music to kick the party off with. It doesn’t have to be kids songs as such, just ones that they will dance to so throw on a bit of a beat and watch them go.


Sometimes it all becomes a bit too much. Some venues have perfect spaces to take the wee ones in their buggy for a snooze. Some kids (ours included!) have huge fomo (fear of missing out) so will do their damnedest to stay awake no matter the cost (to their parents later on….). Just go with it. It’s a special day and they are loving it. If you have their buggy available and a space to wander off, it might just save your evening!

Don’t forget to pack bedtime clothes as well. Save yourself a job and get them changed at the reception. It is a great bribe to tell them they can show everyone their PJs! If you are staying at the venue then take shifts. Put multiple kids to sleep in one room if you can so that more than one family can take turns babysitting whilst the others can keep partying!

Jobs to do

Maybe kids at weddings can have a job. In fact, if you have flower girls, Paige boys and the like then it usually means there will be lots of kids invited. Can you give some others something to do? Can they help i’ve out presents or distribute favours? Obviously, it depends on their age but involving kids at weddings is something they love.


The wedding breakfast is booked for 3pm. The kids don’t care. They want to eat when they want to eat and it is rarely when they are supposed to at a wedding! Snacks and milk are your friend. Oh, and donuts. Because who doesn’t love a donut. And not forgetting mum’s shoulder. Mmmmm, tasty.

Honestly, having kids at weddings is a great thing. They are entertaining, fun, curious and they can always be relied upon for some great pictures. Some of the older ones don’t always join in, though.

Kids at weddings

Here is a link to a great article giving many more ways to entertain kids at weddings 🙂

If there is anything you think we have missed then leave us a comment below. If you have had kids at your wedding, what did you do to entertain them? Let us know below.

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