It is always a pleasure to be invited back to take pictures of a new arrival and that is exactly what this Northwich family photography shoot was all about.

Nearly two years ago we got to take pictures of Arlo for Family Livesey and now with the arrival of Digby, it was time for some updated family pictures.

When I walked in to the living room I was met by our pictures of Arlo framed on the wall. It is amazing to think this was so long ago and he has changed so much! This shoot, however, was a chance to meet Digby and catch up with this beautiful family. We had decided to do the shoot at home to make it easier for Digby if he needed a change or a feed. 

The shoot started with Arlo reading and playing with Digby happy to lie and pose like only a baby can!

Northwich Family Photography
Northwich Family Photography

Over the next hour I got to play with the boys and Arlo brought me toys to show me and play with. He was excited by the diggers outside building a new playpark on the estate and clearly loves his little brother!

When Digby needed a feed I got to hang out with Arlo and his Dad. Arlo ate some fruit, played with more toys and generally showed off like a proper little toddler!

Once Digby was fed we tried to get some more pictures of him on his own and with Mum. He played ball for a little bit and then decided he had had enough! 

People often worry about their babies or small children acting up on a shoot. As with these guys, don’t worry! We had plenty of time and we were able to wait, drink more tea and chat until we had all the shots we needed. Hopefully we don’t get these kind of fails with our style!

Northwich Family Photography

Thank you so much for inviting us back to your home to take more pictures. It is always a pleasure hanging out with you all, drinking tea, having a chat and, of course, getting some new pictures for your walls!

See you for number three wink

Click below to watch the slideshow of this Northwich Family Photography session laughing

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