Photography courses in Macclesfield

Photography courses – You too can be hit with a stick!

Why have I decided to run two photography courses in Macclesfield? Well, I have been a maths teacher for the last 18 years, teaching in both the UK and New Zealand. Last year at my school we had a staff well-being lunchtime where a number of us put on a 30-minute session about something we love. I chose to do a session about getting off auto on a camera. The feedback was great and I have had a few come back to me and show me pictures they have taken and how they improved.

Then in a sixth form lesson, one of my students said “Your daughter is so lucky to have photographers as parents. All the pictures of her are so good and pictures of me as a kid are rubbish!”. This got me thinking, why not use my teaching skills in a photography scenario! Why not create some simple informative courses to teach the basics of using the other modes on their camera.

So here we are. I have put together two courses that have some similarities but are aimed to follow on from each other.

Photography Course 1 – Get Off Auto!

The first – Get Off Auto! – is your first step into using the true power of your camera. It is for anyone who has a lovely DSLR camera but on the dial it is always set to the green auto mode. Even if you turn the dial to one of the created modes such as night mode or portrait mode then your camera is still making lots of decisions for you. To understand the key modes of A(perture), S(hutter) and M(anual) will greatly enhance the photos you take. It will allow you to take the picture you can see in your head that your camera just doesn’t quite do.

Over the course of around 90 minutes, I will explain the different modes and show you what happens when you change settings and teach you why. I promise there will not be any hard maths in it, well, maybe the odd bit. We will have time to take some pictures whether that is street, architecture, portrait or pet photography. I will show you the best settings to use for each scenario we come across.

Photography Course 2 – Take Better Portraits

The second course is called ‘Take Better Portraits’ and is about, ahem, taking better portraits. Over these 90 minutes, we will look at the exposure triangle and talk about light and composition. We will explore more camera settings for different scenarios. If you want better pictures of your kids or your pets or just want to understand how people take those amazing portraits of people that you see in magazines, then this is the one for you.

Each course will have a downloadable pdf cheat sheet that you can refer back to. If either of these sounds interesting then click the link below to purchase one of them (or both with a 20% discount!)

These photography courses are based in Macclesfield but I am willing to travel around. I can meet you at your house or in a cafe or pub then go out and take some pictures.

If you have any questions please email me and I will get back to you.

I look forward to meeting you 🙂


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