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Fair warning – there may be clichés ahead!

Maybe you have a couple of questions.

Is business branding photography for you? 

What even is business branding photography?

These are valid questions. I’m not even sure I know the answer but let me explain what this photography is from our point of view.

The reason we love photography is that a picture really does paint a thousand words. Well, it invokes a thousand memories. Or even just one. It transports you back to that time and where you were, what you were doing, why you were laughing or crying. The people you were with, the smiles, the frowns, the emotions. That’s our thing. Pictures of people with those they love doing the things they love.

So what do we think business branding photography is? Well, it’s our friendly, relaxed approach to photography applied to your business. It’s unposed photography showing what your work is all about. Finally, it’s about you and your business; you won’t get nice portraits with white backgrounds but you will get portraits of you with your business around you. We want to capture essence of you and your business so that anyone seeing the pictures knows what you and your business are all about. That’s the brand.

What does a shoot look like and what do you get?

Once you choose to go with us we want to get to know you and your business. So before we get to taking pictures we will ask you a few questions to find out a bit about you and your business. We will get you to think about the pictures you want. If you’re a food business you’ll want pictures of food being prepared and ready to eat. If you’re a clothing business you might want some pictures of the clothes ready to sell. If you’re a worktop company you might want to show the product being made or fitted.

Basically, the list is endless but you need to think ahead and we will help with that. On the day a shoot is normally an hour with you at your place of work or choosing. We will have a scout around and give you some ideas of shots to get. Then we get shooting. After the shoot we will go away and edit your pictures in a style to suit your business brand. We will deliver proofs of your pictures within two weeks to a private online gallery where you can choose your favourite pictures that you will be able to download at full resolution as well as social media friendly sizes.

Our starter package which includes the shoot and 10 pictures of your choice is £150.

We will have more packages soon!

If you’re interested in having a chat about what you want or just to ask more questions then either message us on facebook or fill in the quick form below 🙂

Read more about the importance of business branding photography at this link.

This is us.

This is our family.

Kind words

“Although it was a ‘newborn’ shoot we were so pleased to have family moments round the house and garden captured too”

Jo M

"It’s amazing how they managed to make our scruffy, stroppy two year old look like butter wouldn’t melt!"

Clare & Luke

“Would recommend a million times over xx”

Naomi & Matt

“Andy and Gabby are such humble, patient and fun loving people that we were totally put at ease and our baby really enjoyed the shoot and went on to show off her little personality which the guys have beautifully captured in the photos”


“He was simply fabulous with my two boys...who immediately set about unleashing every classic manoeuvre imaginable to make his task extra difficult; they hid behind furniture, under blankets, poured water on their nice outfits after 5 minutes and needed a change of clothing. Clearly Andy is made of Saintly levels of patience as the giddiness didn’t faze him in the slightest, he just proceeded to crawl under the furniture with them!"

Recent Family Shoots

LLG Photography, Bollington, Cheshire, SK10.

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