Stockport Family Photography

As a Stockport family photographer, we love meeting new people. One of the best emails we received recently was a request for some family photography. That in itself is great as we love taking pictures for families but this was an email from the lovely Sheena inviting us back to take some more pictures of the adorable Myra. We had the pleasure of meeting Myra and her parents – Sheena and Pratik – back when she was just a few weeks old. Now, at 10 months old she is trying to stand, she is exploring and she is so expressive.

Stockport Family Photography

We spent a lovely couple of hours in the new family home shooting in our relaxed style and all with our own toddler charging round at the same time!!

Myra was a little shy at first (and wasn’t thrilled when Clove kept wanting to hug her!) but soon warmed up and posed quite happily with her parents, her toys and the furniture.

It was so good to see you all again. We hope you love your pictures 🙂 If you need Stockport Family Photography, send us an email or press that Facebook button down to the right! For ideas of what to do with your kids in Stockport, read this article!

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