Hearing that whir as your camera reaches the end of it’s roll of film, sending the roll off to be developed, waiting with baited breath to see what wonderful (or disastrous) photos were lurking in your camera… remember those days? If the answer is “no” you’re probably a digital native. You’ve grown up with the technology to take, view, edit, store and share on social media as many photos as you like. Us so-called digital migrants (born before the technological revolution) have tried our best to keep up, but let’s face it, 7 year olds get technology better than we do! https://youtu.be/vmpCthK1aqk

Before this, existed a world where people had 12, 24, or 36 opportunities to get the shots they wanted. Oh, and you couldn’t see whether your picture was epic, or an epic fail (think Uncle Bob’s head chopped off or a giant thumb covering the Taj Mahal). Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be unusual when you picked up your photos from the chemist to find that half of them were naff.

Though all this may seem rudimentary now, the era of pre-digital photography did have it’s benefits. The buzz of anticipation as you got your photos back from your summer holiday or night out. The magic of re-experiencing funny, precious moments all over again. Sorting the album-worthy pictures from the crappy, out of focus ones. Choosing photos to frame. Going through them again and again with your friends and laughing at the expressions you were pulling (actual human laughter, not just an emoji ? or a “like” ?) Snatching embarrassing photos of you snogging that guy you swore you didn’t from your friend’s photos. Having physical photos in albums that you look at year after year.

Ok, I know how nostalgic this all sounds, but there’s something to be said for printing out photos. Also, being limited to 32 printed photos meant that we didn’t have today’s issue of having thousands of photos scattered across different devices that rarely get printed.

So imagine how pleased I was when a friend introduced me to the FreePrints app. Choose 45 photos from your phone (your gallery, Facebook, Instagram, etc) every month to be printed and delivered to your door, and pay only the postage. Hurrah!! Old meets new and proper photo albums have made a comeback on my bookshelves after a hiatus of 10 years. And look how pretty albums are these days!!

(“Moments with” album by Love Give Ink, notonthehighstreet.com)

(FreePrints code to give you 5 extra free prints on your first order: gle geyt1)

This has been fab for me as a new mum. As you can imagine, I take rather a lot of photos of my little one, so at the end of the month I choose the best 45 and voila!

We also know that having high quality printed photos is important for our clients. Over the last few months we’ve been researching professional printers. Having done our homework, we’re now offering high quality prints and albums for clients. While FreePrints are fab, they obviously don’t offer the quality needed for wedding photography!

Viva la print!!

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