It’s been a crazy 3 1/2 years since Gabby and I got married. She completed her Doctorate and is now a Clinical Psychologist. We bought a beautiful cottage near the edge of the peak District. We shot a few weddings for friends and family and one day we said to each other “why don’t we do this for real?”  An idea was born. 

Cameras were upgraded. 

Lenses bought. 

Practice practice practice. 

Then a new, bigger house. Why? Baby! Clove was born in December 2016 and has changed our lives. She is such a little cutie and nothing beats that smile when you get home from work. She changes daily it seems and just keeps getting cuter.

This afternoon we found some time to decorate and sort out our editing studio and we had Clove up there watching us hang photos as she smiled away.

I love this shot of the three of us almost as much as the one Gabby took of Clove a couple of weeks ago. Those eyes!!

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