When starting this adventure I found I just wanted to know what was in the camera bags of those amazing professionals like Pye Jirsa, Jasmine Star and the like. Why did I find this so interesting? I guess its like anything you ar einterested in, you want to ‘copy’ the best ones until you figure out what you really want. Just think of how many kids wear crazy coloured football boots just because Ronaldo wears them. As I said in a previous post, for me it was trying to figure out whether it was primes or zooms? Which camera is best for my budget? How many lenses do I really need for a wedding? How many cameras?

As we approach the start of the wedding season we have just added a new lens and I finally think I have reached my happy place. For now.

Here is our camera and lens setup:




I shoot with a 5D Mark ii, Gabby shoots with a 6D and we have a 5D as back up. I keep wanting to upgrade to the Mark iii but for now the Mark ii is pretty damned good. We also love our Instax Mini 8 – so much so that we bought eachother the exact same camera for Christmas without any clue what the other was buying – pretty sad eh! Then there’s my Garmin Virb XE. This is really for when I’m on my motorbike but we have had fun in the past making timelapse movies of ceremonies and dancefloors so it usually comes along with us 🙂


Sigma Art 35mm F1.4 – A beautiful lens! Wide enough to capture scenes but not too wide to scare me. I see some of the really wide wedding pics people take and I am in awe. I just don’t really see that, its not my style. Not that I don’t try it mind you, just with the 35 rather than a 16 or 24.

Canon 50mm F1.2L – The best lens you can buy? Probably. This can do everything. I reckon you could shoot an entire wedding on this lens and it would be incredible. Missing from the picture but still in the bag somewhere is the 50mm F1.8ii. It cost £50 second hand and if Gabby has stolen (!) the 1.2 then I’ll stick this on when I just want a 50mm lens. Still takes great pics 🙂

Canon 85mm F1.8 – Amazing for the money. If you want a relatively cheap portrait lens then look no further. It produces fantastic pictures, focuses quickly and has been so reliable since I bought it. Definitely my goto lens last year for post ceremony moment capturing.

Sigma 105mm F2.8 Macro – The new addition. I wanted a slightly longer lens with macro capability for details shots. This lenses price and reviews made it a no brainer. I took it out to a rowing event my school were in today and the shots are lovely and sharp. I can’t wait to see what Gabby can do with wedding ring shots with this.

So there you go. What would I add next? The 5D Mark iii. Maybe for next year. I could always be tempted to swap my Sigmas out for the Canon L lens equivalents but for the money i’m just not sure.


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