It has been a fun week since returning from my trip away with school. I have been wanting to redesign our website for a while now as I felt it was a little too cluttered on the splash page. I did not want to lose the visuals of the artwork but felt we needed to spread the pictures around rather than have them all on the homepage. So after persuading (?!) Gabby that we should redesign, I went ahead and played about. The result, I feel, is a fresher and simpler landing page allowing people to see what we are about and (hopefully) like what we do.

The very next day after launching the new site we went to meet a lovely couple to discuss shooting their wedding next year. I’m very happy to say that they have booked us but that isn’t the point of this post. The point is that they were saying they had spoken to another phptographer who had been pushing and pushing her Italian leather wedding album at this cost and that cost and in the end to her cost. It sounded like the actual photography of their wedding was less important than them buying the album. This is why Gabby and I offer just one simple package. Yes we can offer professional prints and albums as extras but only if the couple want them. What is important for us is that we give the newlyweds one of our wooden gift boxes with a usb of all their edited pictures. They get the full versions for printing and having wall sized canvases made of their big day. They get smaller versions for social media. Simples. Who are we to tell people they ‘should’ buy an album or prints from us. It is up to them. At the end of the day, weddings are expensive. Wedding photographers are expensive. Some are ludicrously expensive. We certainly feel that you get value for money by choosing us. A pre-wedding shoot, two photographers for the full day, several hundred fully edited pictures in a lovely (well we think they are) usb wooden box and most importantly some memories to share with people who probably don’t even exist yet. Anyway, I’ve digressed. Why just one package? Well, as the bride to be said to us, they just want to know up front what it is going to cost them and what they will get. She said she had been on several wedding photographer’s websites where they don’t tell you a price as every wedding is individual. No they aren’t! Weddings follow a pretty similar time line, it’s the people who change, the people who make the story and that is your job as the photographer – capture that story!

People choosing photographers don’t want to figure out the cost per extra hour or choosing between getting ready and first dance for the five hours coverage. They don’t want to ask should we pay extra for a pre-wedding shoot questions. We keep it simple. This is the price. This is what you get.

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