As some of you will know, Gabby and I have a 15 month old daughter. Last month we were asked to do a family shoot on a Sunday but had no time to get a babysitter so we said we would have to take Clove with us. The family kindly offered to take turns watching her and playing with her as we took the photos.

Today, the family have put some of their behind the scenes pictures on Instagram.  

Juggling having your own toddler at a family shoot is fine if she is in the backpack and we are outside. Inside a house or a flat is a different, uncontained problem.  

As you can see in the following shot I was literally having to juggle Clove whilst getting the shot I wanted. Thank Sony for that! 

I love how interested Clove is in the picture, can’t wait until she wants to start taking pictures ?

The other bonus of seeing these shots is just taking a moment to appreciate what is happening behind the camera. In this shot Gabby is trying to get the angle she wants as Myra is on her back.

Thank you to Sheena for sharing these pictures with us and asking us to take pics in the first place. 

I now want to do some behind the scenes videos and pics so watch this space. 

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